Shakespeare and Musk discuss free speech hypocrisy

I asked ChatGPT to write a screenplay for a two-minute scene wherein William Shakespeare and Elon Musk discuss free speech absolutism and the petulant censorship of one’s critics. What it produced was, as most things it produces, pretty impressive, so I’m sharing it here.

CHATGPT USER PROMPT: Write a screenplay for a 2-minute long scene where Elon musk and William Shakespeare debate the morality of pretending you support free speech absolutism while using your wealth and power to censor people who criticize you.


Elon Musk sits behind a large desk, typing on his computer. William Shakespeare enters the room.

SHAKESPEARE: Good day, sir.

ELON: (looks up) Oh, William. Hello.

SHAKESPEARE: I came to discuss with you the morality of using your wealth and power to censor those who criticize you while claiming to support free speech absolutism.

ELON: (sighs) I have a responsibility to protect my reputation and that of my companies.

SHAKESPEARE: But what of the right of the people to voice their opinions, regardless of whether they align with your own?

ELON: Free speech has limits. It does not protect hate speech or false information.

SHAKESPEARE: Ah, but who decides what constitutes as hate speech or false information? Is it not the powerful who define these terms to serve their own interests?

ELON: (pauses) I suppose that is a valid concern. But in my case, I genuinely believe that I am acting in the best interest of society.

SHAKESPEARE: But is it not hypocritical to claim to support free speech while censoring those who speak against you?

ELON: (thinks) I understand where you’re coming from, but I believe it’s a balancing act. It’s about weighing the right to free speech against the need to protect against harm.

SHAKESPEARE: (nodding) I see your point, but it is a delicate balance. One must be vigilant in not letting their power sway the scale too far in one direction.

ELON: (nods) I’ll keep that in mind, William. Thank you for the discussion.

SHAKESPEARE: Of course, sir. (bows) Until next time.

Elon watches as Shakespeare exits the room, deep in thought.


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